week of November 10th-14th


Chapters V (Power Swap: Pt. 1) and VI (Power Swap: Pt. 2): Students working in groups of 3 heroes or 3 villains. Super powers are exchanged through means TBD. At least 2 pages per chapter, for a total of 4-6 pages minimum. Story must have clearly defined beginning (how the swap happened), middle (hero/villain adventure), and end (resolution & resumption of original powers).


No School; continue Chapters V & VI


Chapter VII: A villain has built a machine to control the weather, turning Seattle into a desert! Pay extra attention to the emotions & attitudes of your character, and how they might react to a given scenario.


Chapter VIII: A secret underground city has been discovered beneath Seattle!


Rewrite student-selected chapter from this week (V-VIII), expanded to minimum 4 pages.
Read & review "How to write dialogue" packet. Story rewrite must include at least 1 properly-
formatted conversation.
Begin to review & practice Vocabulary List 5.